Paper cinema

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I really love this little piece :)

Paper city


Paul Auladell

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The latest artist I have fallen from head over heels recently is the Spanish illustrator Paul Auladell. He lives and works in Alicante, southern Spain. He won several national awards for his work, and well known not only for book illustrations, but some very unique and meaningful comics.

His style is rooted with the great avant-garde painters, and especially reminds me of Picasso’s pink/blue period.  His style combines charcoal with colour, with additional digital effects. His works are quietly moving, reaching to existential depths, and these qualities are beautifully contrasted with the simplicity of the images. To find out more, please visit his site.



37_alas1   37_alas2


Jam session with CocoRosie

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Sooo beautiful! I love these girls!

CocoRosie, Rajasthan Roots, TEZ, Josh Werner & Tak - Recording Session (2012)

A new mission with coloured pencil!

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Hi Guys, happy days, I have a new project to work on, namely a collection of children’s poetry. This is a special little mission on multiple levels, as I got to use coloured pencils, and it is quite fun. The pictures are not that detailed as I would usually make them, but hopefully the colours are doing their bit. Also, these little poems are the works of an old friend, and about his late Dachshund, a little elf, and other miscellaneous cuteness, and it is always a pleasure to work for friends. I don’t know exactly when it will be published, but I’ll keep you updated.

The following images are mainly for the dog – themed ones, the next load will be about the little elf. Please let me know what do you think!


Dogs' Heaven

Dogs’ Heaven

Slippery Pavement

Slippery Pavement

The complaining Badger

The complaining Badger

The angry Fox

The angry Fox

"Great, we have an umbrella!"

“Great, we have an umbrella!”


Some lace art from Florida

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The next artist to feature the “If I owned a Gallery…” coloumn would be the Florida based Czech artist, Daniela Banatova. Her insanely cool abstract lace pieces are radiating tranquillity and each number has it’s own little story to share. These works are heavily influenced by nature, and remind me of landscapes from birds’ eye view or even micro-organisms. For more of this goodness, please check out her blog or laceioli profile.






Laying down the bricks

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This is at least the 5th (500th) time I start blogging, as you can imagine, the former attempts were utter failures. However, this time it will work, I can feel it in my bones. The reason is, because now I’m determined (you would have thought), and curious what could come out at the end of the pipe. The fact that I revamped the site – it’s all nice, neat, and works like a dream – also helps.

It will teach me to get around better in the social media mayhem, and will be my aid to get organised with my (sometimes pointless) surfing. This blog will be a collection of my far reaching interests and inspirations, a go-to place instead of the endless list of bookmarks.

Please wish me luck, and don’t hesitate to comment. I’m all in for constructive ideas.



If I owned a Gallery…

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…it would be light, spacious, (with a basement too), and had a nice cafe upstairs with a big roof terrace loaded with flowers and colourful lamps. White wine spritzer would be the signature drink with lemonade ice cubes, and I would showcase the work of someone interesting every week.

The first artist I’d invite to show off her work would be Lisa Evans. Her little universe is magical, detailed and, well, fluffy. I love how she works her style with great confidence through numerous genres from illustration to game design. Without compromising the cuteness level 1000.

Her main influences include nature, anime, folk art and sci-fi.  To find out more, please visit  her website, or her blog. LOVE!


a (1)

zen_bot Memory Palace



Drawing is freedom

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This insightful little video is from the Artist & Illustrators magazine’s website. Yes, drawing is good.

Andrew Marr and others on drawing.